Develop your business in compliance with Russian Federal Law
in DataFort Cloud Platform

High standards of IT-services provided
by VMware and Microsoft technologies

High connectivity
Our 3 data centers Tier III offer our customers the best connectivity available on the Russian market and Europe. We provide ideal conditions for optimal performance: high-speed Internet connections and uninterruptible power supplies
Virtual Data Center
Build an innovative scalable it-infrastructure based on 20-year Knowledges of work specifics of the Russian Federation market. Individual manager. Hourly pricing model
Full compliant with Federal Law “On Personal Data”
Operate safely and maintain the facility in accordance with the high standards as may be required or prescribed by the applicable Federal Law, audit and development all confirmation documents of compliance (certificates, licen), zero-risks penalties by Russian tax authorities
Сomplex IT
Outsourcing and wide range of SaaS services - IT outsourcing involves subcontracting an expert team in the field of technology in charge of managing the entire technological infrastructure of the company, providing immediate solutions and services and allowing the company to focus on the main activity of its business

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